"Mud and Muck" Makes Money for Peacham Elementary

mud n muckPEACHAM - The people of Peacham came out in full support of this year's 22nd annual Mud and Muck Auction, this past weekend, helping the Parent Teacher Friends Group exceed their initial fundraising goals.

The auction, held in the town hall, was abuzz with a flurry of phone calls and auctioneering as the day wore on.

According to Cornelia Hasenfuss, president of the PTF, the goal of the auction was to raise $5000 to help fund a number of different programs at the Peacham Elementary school, namely the skiing and swimming programs.

The auction this year ended up exceeding that amount by raising $6500 for the school programs. The auction also managed to bring in another $2000 to go towards a playground fund as well as $140 toward the Thelma White scholarship.

Over 200 community members donated items that were sold in the auction with a total of 55 bidders for the items on sale.

Josh Aantrowitz, a local parent, was one of those bidders and showed that the auction was certainly a family affair, "My wife bid on a number of things, my parents bid on a number of things, my kids bid on a few things and I watched them bid. So, yeah I think we got some fun stuff for the kids to play with [as well as] some art, it's nice."

One of the more unique items was won by Melissa Laurita-Kohl, an after school program coordinator for the school, "The most exciting thing [I won] I think is a mini-horse cart ride and training session all about how to own and care for miniature horses, which the city girl in me thinks is amazing." Laurita-Kohl not only bought a few things, but she also donated items and goodies to the auction.

According to Hasenfuss this year was they best year that the auction has had in recent years.