Marty Feltus for State Rep.

martyAROUND THE NEK - Republican Incumbent Martha "Marty" Feltus looks to win one of the two seats for State Representative in Caledonia District Four.


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Quimby for State Rep.

quimby thumbNORTHEAST KINGDOM- Running unopposed is Incumbent Constance "Connie" Quimby who will be re-elected as State Representative for the Essex- Caledonia district this election day.

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Lawrence for State Rep.

dick lawrenceNORTHEAST KINGDOM- Richard "Dick" Lawrence, a retired farmer, is running unopposed for State Representative in Caledonia District Four. There are two seats open, and Lawrence is expected to take one of them this election day.

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Lyndon Voting

lyndon votingLYNDONVILLE- Doors opened at 8 a.m. in Lyndonville for this year’s election and many local voters have been paying a visit to the voting booths.


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Kitty Toll for State Rep.

toll thumb copyNORTHEAST KINGDOM- Democratic Incumbent Catherine "Kitty" Toll is looking to win another term as State Representative. She is running unopposed for the position.


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Governor's Race

generic election thumbnailNORTHEAST KINGDOM- The race for governor is almost at the finish line, with three candidates pulling hard through the last leg. The three candidates running for Governor are Incumbent Peter Shumlin, Republican candidate Scott Milne and Liberatarian candidate Dan Feliciano.


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Governor's Race

thumbnailtemplate copyVERMONT- It was a close race throughout the night for Governor and there is still no decision on who will be the Vermont Governor over the next two years.


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Lt. Governor Results

phil scottVERMONT-  Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott will be serving his third term in the Lieutenant Governor's Office.

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New Hampshire Senate Race

general electionsNEW HAMPSHIRE - The United States Senate race between incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Candidate Scott Brown has been tight, and appears it will come right down to the wire.

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Candidate Forum

candidate forumWEST BARNET- With election day drawing closer, the candidates are reaching out to the public to share their views for the future of Vermont. Residents were able to ask the candidates questions at a forum in West Barnet last night.

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Roy C. Vance for Assistant Judge

royvanceRoy C. Vance is running for Assistant Judge of Caledonia County for his final term. The incumbent candidate first ran for the position in 1987, and has been on the bench for twenty eight years.   


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John Hall for Assistant Judge

john hall finalAROUND THE NEK- There are only two seats open for Assistant Judge of Caledonia County, and current Town Manager of St. Johnsbuy, John Hall, is running for that position.  

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State Rep Running Unopposed

kitty tollAround the NEK -- A Caledonia-Washington District is looking for a state representative in this election season. Catherine “Kitty” Beattie Toll, the Democratic representative of Vermont State House, is running for the single seat of this district unopposed. This district includes Cabot, Danville and Peacham. 

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Bob South for State Rep.

bob southVERMONT - Incumbent Bob South, Democrat, is going head to head with three other candidates who are in the running for State Representative. Currently, there are two open seats for State Representative in Caledonia District Three.

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Rep. Marty Feltus

martyVERMONT — Republican Martha “Marty” Feltus is one of the two candidates running for the State House in the Caledonia District 4, including Burke, Lyndon and Sutton. Republican Richard “Dick” Lawrence is another candidate for this position. 

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Rep. Dick Lawrence

dick lawanceVERMONT— Richard “Dick” Lawrence is a Republican representative running for the State House for his fourth term in the Caledonia District 4. He has been a representative for the last ten years.  

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Joe Benning Running for State Senate

joe benningVERMONT– Incumbent Joe Benning is running for State Senate, again. He is seeking out his third term representing Caledonia County.

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Mike Heath Runs For Senate

Mike HeathST. JOHNSBURY-The owner of Rumuntos in St. Johnsbury wants to be a state senator for Caledonia County.

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Jane Kitchel for Senate

KitchelCALEDONIA DISTRICT - Senator Jane Kitchel is an incumbent, who is running for Senator for the District of Caledonia. She been in the senate since 2004 and has over 40 years of public serivce experience under her belt.  

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Sanders & Welch Re-elected


BURLINGTON - Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Peter Welch were re-elected in landslide victories on Election Night.

Both candidates were at the Democratic results party to meet with supporters and fellow candidates.


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Scott Wins Important Seat

Scott wins lt. GovMONTPELIER - Republican Phil Scott will remain the Lieutenant Governor of Vermont for the next two years.

In what was the only major victory for the GOP, Scott will continue to work along side Governor Peter Shumlin due to past success and unique campaigning.

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Shumlin Wins Governor's Race

Governer Race ShumlinBURLINGTON - Peter Shumlin will remain Governor of Vermont after winning the race over Republican candidate, Randy Brock. 

With 99 percent of the state's precincts reporting, Shumlin won the race with 170,482 votes to Brock's 110,612 votes. This accounted to 58% Shumlin to 38% Brock.

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Lyndon Voters Eye Presidential Race

votinglyndonLYNDON – A steady stream of cars poured into the municipal building in Lyndon today, as people got up early to cast their ballot in Tuesday’s presidential election.

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Caledonia 4 State Reps on the Ballot

caledonia 4LYNDONVILLE- On today's ballot, there are four specific candidates running for State Representative from Calendonia 4. The candidates have been busy putting up signs all over town during the past couple of weeks, speaking with the community and sharing their thoughts and ideas with others.

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State Auditor Candidates Preview

auditorAROUND THE NEK - The race for state auditor is heating up, seeing as Vermont's current state auditor Tom Salmon chose to not run for re-election. The candidates running for the vacant position are Doug Hoffer and Vince Illuzzi.

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