Positive Changes for St. Johnsbury

st.jeduthumnailST. JOHNSBURY-Unlike past years, conversations about the St. Johnsbury school budget are running smoothly. The school board held an informational hearing last night to discuss the proposed budget. 


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Pools of Money

lyndon signLYNDON- As temperatures remain cold, Town Meeting Day in Lyndon is heating up. In addition to voting on the proposed budget for next year, taxpayers could be paying a few bucks more for the community pool in Powers Park.


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Burke Budgets

burkewelcomesignBURKE- With Town Meeting Day set for tomorrow the town of Burke is having their annual informational meeting tonight.This year's proposed town budget did increase to $1,354,984.37 from last year's budget of $1,289,212.87. 

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Increased Taxes for Sutton?

suttontrckSUTTON- Sutton residents will have a lot to think about at the polls tomorrow. They are facing a higher tax rate than in past years for several reasons.

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Littleton Faces Recount on DPW Vote

littleton town meeting

LITTLETON, NH - The final voting results on Littleton's $1.2 million new DPW building request are going to be recounted.

"The votes did not quite make the 60%," said Littleton Selectwoman Marghie Seymour, reached by phone Wednesday morning.

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Lyndon Town Meeting

lyndon town meetingLYNDON - The town of Lyndon had quite the variety of topics come up yesterday during it's annual town meeting. There were seven organizations that missed the deadline for special appropriations, and that caused some brouhaha amongst the towns people.

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St. Johnsbury School Budget Update

st j budget updateST. JOHNSBURY- St. Johnsbury's proposed school budget of nearly sixteen million dollars was shot down. Superintendent Ranney Bledsoe says it's not the first time one of the town's proposed school budgets has failed.

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School Budget Fails in St. Johnsbury

st. johnsbury school budgetST. JOHNSBURY- Before polls opened in St. Johnsbury Tuesday morning residents got a chance to hear about the issues they'd be voting on. An informational meeting was held Monday night where residents were presented with the school budget totaling nearly sixteen million dollars.

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Danville Informational Meeting

danville info meeting copyDANVILLE- The town of Danville held their informational meeting on Monday night. The people of the town want their tax donations go somewhere local instead of being mandated by the state.

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Peacham Taxes Down in Consecutive Years

peachamtownmeetingPEACHAM-For the fifth year in a row the town of Peacham has seen the combined total of their general and highway expenses on the decline.

This decline in taxes left many willing to pay in the name of charity.

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NH Town Budget Issues

New Hampshire DowntownNEW HAMPSHIRE - Woodsville, Haverhill, and Littleton have problems with their budgets after town meeting day.

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Concord Results Are In

Concord Town MeetingCONCORD - After a record year for voter turn out, the results of Concord's town meeting day are in.

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