Lyndon Town Meeting

lyndon town meetingLYNDON - The town of Lyndon had quite the variety of topics come up yesterday during it's annual town meeting. There were seven organizations that missed the deadline for special appropriations, and that caused some brouhaha amongst the towns people.

Carol Fisher, a Lyndon resident, feels that these organizations should not have received any money.


"You meet the criteria or or you don't make it, and a lot of these petitions didn't get the amount of signatures they need," said Fisher. "I've talked with a lot of people and this is there way of saying no, we don't want these on our property tax roll."

Because of those seven organizations missing the deadline, Town Moderator and Vermont State Senator Joe Benning explained that they had to spend a lot of time figuring out what the organizations needed money for. Four out of the seven organizations showed up at town meeting to ask for money. When a petition does not show up on time, it sometimes means that you're not considered to receive a special appropriation.

"There were people here who came to ask to have them considered anyway, and as a result of that we had to spend a lot of time talking about those entities and why they didn't get their petitions in," said Benning. "Then we had to have a separate vote for each of them, which took a long time."

Just because those four organizations showed up at town meeting does not mean they will be receiving their request for money. The 12-million dollar school budget and the waste management budget were being done by paper ballot, and the results are in.

The school budget passed 54 percent to 46 percent with a total of 322 ballots and Holly Taylor won the School Board Director position as Al Dilley is retiring. As for the waste management budget, that vote wasn't even close as it passed with an 83 percent of the towns people approving.