Danville Informational Meeting

danville info meeting copyDANVILLE- The town of Danville held their informational meeting on Monday night. The people of the town want their tax donations go somewhere local instead of being mandated by the state.


School board member, Sandy Hauserman, stated during the meeting "I think that this is a big issue here in the town and everywhere in Vermont. We are losing local control of our schools."

The school budgets have not gone up a significant amount this year. In order to stop a tax increase, the town has purposed to make budget cuts within the school which includes cutting the budget for school lunches.

"I don't think too many people are unhappy, pretty much its the same as it has been" Danville Town Clerk, Wendy Somers says about the town. She says that the other big vote is for a loan for a new firetruck that would cost the fire department that would cost around $350,000.

The department is overdue for a new truck after having the current one for nearly a decade, however, the voters are worried that the loan could raise taxes in the town. Somer is hoping that by taking the loan out over a 10 year span that they can work it into the budget without seeing a large increase.

Members of the town would like to see a change in the way their money is spent and keep tax donations local. Hauserman says " All of our taxes are going to the state. As long as they are in control, their going to make up their minds, there's not a while lot we can do.

Voting for town meeting started at 10 A.M and polls will be closing at 7 P.M.