Concord Results Are In

Concord Town MeetingCONCORD - After a record year for voter turn out, the results of Concord's town meeting day are in.

With just over 20 votes separating the decision, residents of Concord voted to keep Concord High School open, 275 to 252.

With the decision made, the students are now able to refocus on their work.

"I'm pleased that the vote is over so that the kids can get back to learning," said Patrick Ely, Principal of the Concord School.

But with such a small margin separating the vote, some residents and town officials, such as Town Clerk Donna Berry, see the close vote as a potential worry for Concord's future.

"I think the supporters just come out when they need to come out...I think you know, it's unfortunate," said Berry.

While the high school program continues to stay open, voters did vote to pay tuition for eight students, resulting in an increase of the school budget, which now totals almost a quarter of a million dollars.

Cynthia Stuart, a resident of Concord, believes that this is a step in the right direction for Concord's education system.

"The idea that eight kids are gonna now have the opportunity to go and have an exceptional, educational experience someplace else is really satisfying," said Stuart.

Stuart ran for position of two-year school director but lost by just 40 votes to Karl Goulding.

In the race for three-year school director Harold Lunnie lost to Dan Austin by 32 votes.

George Morehouse was re-elected for the position of three-year Selectboard beating Jay Bona by close to 100 votes.

Also voted on was the position of town Constable Ken Copp.

Voters decided to not pay Copp four thousand one hundred dollars, or reinstate his law enforcement authority

Voters instead decided to pay ten thousand dollars to the Essex County Sheriff's Department to supervise the town.