NH Town Budget Issues

New Hampshire DowntownNEW HAMPSHIRE - Woodsville, Haverhill, and Littleton have problems with their budgets after town meeting day.

Woodsville district budget has up to ten discrepancies. The correct budgeting numbers will be handed out on the 27th at the emergency services building. The village's problems were included in the Haverhill town report.

Lifetime contracted Town Manager, Glenn English oversaw Haverhill's approved budget. The town voters agreed with the proposed budget of over 3.4 million dollars. The town also approved to adopt state regulations for the spreading of sludge.  Glenn English explained the sludge as best he could saying,  "The present ordinance is a land use ordinance, it's pretty strict. It basically allows the spreading of class a sludge, and prohibits, in most cases, the spreading of class b sludge."

Littleton had there own problems as well. Voters denied the proposed amount of over 7.7 million dollars. With the denial, last years budget of 7.5 million dollars will be implemented, with some room for adjustment.