Peacham Taxes Down in Consecutive Years

peachamtownmeetingPEACHAM-For the fifth year in a row the town of Peacham has seen the combined total of their general and highway expenses on the decline.

This decline in taxes left many willing to pay in the name of charity. Peacham tax payers approved the appropriation of $400,504 in highway expenses and $81,924 in general expenses without fuss. Voters also agreed to raise $23,379 in taxes to support local organizations like Danville Rescue, Peacham Community Housing, the Peacham Library, and many more that  benefit the town.

Aside from money matters, the town elected its new 2013 officials. Bruce Lafferty beat out town newcomer Scott Blanchard for the position of town clerk by a vote of 115 to 42. Danville resident Nathan Giroux was elected Selectboard member for a term of three years besting Robert Ide by only 10 votes. All other available positions for the town were filled by incumbents.

The day's discussion really picked up once it was time to vote on whether or not the town should adopt a policy to allow snowmobiles the use of up to 1,000 feet of class three roads in order to connect trails. James McDonnald was in attendance to represent the Bayley-Hazen Snowmobile Club and voiced how helpful these trail connections would be, especially along the road near Mack's Mountain. Some residents voiced concern that that particular road was to narrow for snowmobiles and cars to pass safely at the same time, while others pointed out that if a car and snowmobile couldn't fit what could be the consequence of two cars passing? Another major concern was the noise and pollution levels for residence living on or nearby one of these class three roads; a topic that eventually lead to a passing amendment of the proposal that read the snowmobiles may use the roads to connect trails subject to the approval of affected homeowners. After another short discussion on the matter the town voted 98 to 43 in approval of the motion.