Peacham School Budget Invokes Concern

peacham thumbnailPEACHAM- Peacham's town meeting was filled with witty banter between voters and board members. That is until the two million school budget was brought to the table.

More time was spent discussing this article than any other last Tuesday.

 It was explained that the 10% increase in total budget was the result of school board members carefully crunching down numbers, in order to maintain current school functions.

Some voters had worry that a handful of students, who attend peacham schools but do not live in town, would spike up the budget, or stretch their teachers too far workload wise.

School board Chairman, Mark Clough, had repeatedly explained why those students did not impact the budget in any way. A small few of voters sitting in the church benches had testified to Cloughs denouncment.

For other topics that were voted on, Thomas Galinat was elected as school district clerk and treasurer. 

Alex Maclean and Mike Heath botth were elected to be school directors.