Barnet Town Meeting Day 2019

barnettmdBARNET- on town meeting day, barnet residents approved the town budget alongside the 22 other articles on the warning. The town budget now reflects a total amount of $1,580,072.86 after the town approved $50,0000 to be used by the towns five fire districts.

The money will be awarded to the fire districts as needed in the form of a grant by the discretion of the barent select-board.  

John carpenter, the fire district two clerk who filed the petition for the 50,000 dollars said it would only cost a tax payer two dollars. He mentioned that the previous owner for the fire district failed to do any maintenance and now the main water-lines the supplies 60 residents is now failing. A local resident who was once the treasure for fire district 2 said, "we didn't causes the problem, but we are the ones getting it the neck because the former owner failed to up keep the system. You know, we bought a pick in a poke and we are stuck with it. We are just asking the town and the people who live here to help us out a little bit."

Seeing as district two needed the most help, a motion to change the wording from all five fire district to just fire district two was proposed, but voted down. One barnet resident said, "so it seems like 2 dollars a person would be a pretty fair price to pay for a program that lets these fire districts short of invest in themselves. All town officers were also re-elected with the exceptions of select-board member jeremy roberts, who did not seek re-election. Lastly, the waste management district budget vote passed in barnet by a count of 116 "yes" votes to 14 "no" votes.