Town Meeting Day, Lyndon and Saint Johnsbury

st. j commerceAROUND THE NEK - Lyndon's Town Meeting Day brought residents to voice their opinions on town issues and budgets.

Selectboard member Dan Daley says Town Meeting is one of the most important days of the year, and hopes to see the tradition continue. “People have an opportunity to speak on how their towns are run, town budgets, highway budgets, school budgets, it's a tradition I’d like to see continue forever. I’m a little concerned every year we see less and less people.”

Lyndon's town budget is estimated to increase by 1.5 percent, while the highway budget is predicted to stay the same. These two things prove to be the most important thing for Lyndon on Town Meeting Day.

According to Daley, the highway budget helps to pay for plowing, salting, sanding, flood management, and mowing for the town of Lyndon.

In Saint Johnsbury, the town is making an effort to implement a new cemetery commission.

“We voted in November to establish a cemetery commission because the town has just taken over another cemetery, so we now have four cemeteries the town controls,” says St. Johnsbury Selectboard member Kevin Oddy.

Residents will have the opportunity to vote for three members to watch over the four cemeteries that are controlled by the town. Only one candidate is listed on the ballot, but the town is looking for three members to make up the commission. If there aren’t enough votes to fill the three positions, the Saint Johnsbury Selectboard will begin recruiting candidates for the job.  One of the responsibilities of the commission includes maintaining grave sites.