Sutton Declines Proposed School Budget

SUTTON - With a difference of only 10 votes, Sutton's proposed school budget was declined. While 57 residents voted yes to the proposed budget, 67 voted no. Many believe that the buyout of the schools former principal had a strong impact on the decision. 

Back in January, the Sutton Middle School fired their principal, Roberta Stradling, after she had an alleged physical altercation with another staff member. Stradling is now demanding that the school and tax payer pay off the last two years of her $43,047 contract.

Some residents do not agree with Stradling's demands and say that the extra taxes might be too much for them to afford.

"It may drive me away and not because I want to, it will be forcing me out of here," says resident, Susan Cheney.

Even though votes were split on many issues, residents did agree on selling the 11 year old town truck and buying a new one.

Selectman, Tim Simpson, estimates that the new truck will cost the town roughly $150,000.