Pools of Money

lyndon signLYNDON- As temperatures remain cold, Town Meeting Day in Lyndon is heating up. In addition to voting on the proposed budget for next year, taxpayers could be paying a few bucks more for the community pool in Powers Park.


 The pool has served the Lyndon community for about thirty years, but the popular pool is in need of repairs. 

"If we can't make the repairs that we need to make within a short amount of time," says Chris Thompson of the Village Improvement Society. "The pool will deteriorate to a condition where it won't be safe to use."

The total cost of the project is $100,000, but taxpayers will not be required to fork over that much. If passed, taxpayers would pay $25,000 for the project. The rest of the project would be paid for by both a federally funded grant as well as a $25,000 donation from the Village Improvement Society.

If approved, the money given would be used to fix holes and cracks in the pool wall.  In addition, the hope is to replace the pool pump and make the facility handicap-accessible. 

Lyndon Municipal Administrator Justin Smith believes the pool is beneficial for the local community.

"It serves 400 kids," said Smith. "I don't mean just in Lyndon but some of the surround towns as well. It provides kids with a place to go."

Although the amount of money is hefty, Thompson believes that voters will be supportive. 

"I think the community really understands how valuable an asset it is to the community," said Thompson. "They're going to want to keep that tradition alive."

If passed, the project is scheduled to start in August.