62nd Auction Comes to a Close

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Kiwanis Pool in St. JST.JOHNSBURY - The 62nd Annual Kiwanis Auction came to a close Wednesday evening.

 This year the Kiwanis Auction raised over 24 thousand dollars, all of which goes to the Kiwanis pool in St. Johnsbury.

"Everything we raise not just here at the auction but we do the home football concession for the St. Johnsbury academy throughout the football season all that money goes into the pool," said Robert Brazil, this year's Kiwanis Auction Chairman.

The pool, which opened in 1944, is the only public swimming pool in the United States that is one hundred percent free to use.

"There is no charge for swim lessons, there is no charge for open swim," said Joe Fox, St. Johnsbury Academy Director of Recreation, "But all the funding the life guards the chemicals the staff and the electric the upkeep the painting that all happens from the support of the community at this auction."

The local chapter of The Kiwanis Club decided to build and open the community pool after several children had drowned in the local rivers. Since then, the pool has become a staple in the area.

"Its pretty widespread the people who come to use the pool for free. Free swimming lessons really is a kingdom jewel if you will. People know where it is and I think people are really into keeping it open because its such a great place to have in the summer," added Brazil.

This local landmark gives kids in the area a positive place and activity during the summertime.

"Kids that take advantage of that are doing something that is one healthy and two constructive, there is a lot of other negative choices they could be doing so every time you see a kid there its like a win, win for the community," said Fox.

In addition to the pool Kiwanis also offers public tennis courts.

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