Intense Race Ends

zmNBURLINGTON - Vermont's Lieutenant Governor race was heated last night. The race was between between Democrat David Zuckerman and Republican Randy Brock, with Zuckerman coming out on top.  

Even though both candidates were in seperate parties, they see eye to eye on some of the same issues.


"Vermonters are concerned about a lot of things, but the biggest thing they are concerned about is jobs and the economy, and the economy the way it effects them in terms of things such as property taxes,” says Republican Randy Brock in Burlington Tuesday night.

“We talked about how a stronger economy raises worker's wages. A strong economy, and future means affordable housing, it means affordable childcare, it means affordability to higher education," responded Zuckerman who attended the same event.

Although Zuckerman was able to win the race, it turned out to be a tighter race than expected that left both candidates anxious.

“I Planned to be up here a little bit earlier... but the numbers are coming in slow, and its feeling really good right now," Zuckerman also added.

Despite Zuckerman's victory over Brock, Brock was still pleased with the results from the rest of the Vermont elections, including Phil Scott's election as Governor.
"This is a bitter-sweet moment... because I am so happy to know that Phil Scott is the governor in the sate of Vermont," Brock says. "Vermont will remain in my heart, will remain in my mind, and I will continue to work for Vermont. Now, and into the future."

Zuckerman is now looking forward to putting his ideas into action once he is able to take office in January.

Zuckerman also said that last night he enjoyed working with Sue Mintor, and felt as though they had a good team, but he is still hopeful for the future of Vermont.