5 Candidates, 2 Seats

electionnumbertwoFive potential candidates are fighting for two opens spots to represent the third district of caledonia county. 




The new comers,  Phillip Aldredge, Scott Campbell, and Corey Raynor are campaigning hard for newfound public attention, while  Janssen Willhoit and Scott Beck are hoping to be re-elected. Beck’s main advantage is that he has years of experience but doesn’t deny that he is “still learning”. 


Janssen is taking a different approach, citing what she’s learned in the last two years and using it to help the people of Saint Johnsbury. Janssen says she has heard their complaints, and the biggest one is that “people simply can’t afford to live (here) in Saint Johnsbury anymore”. These issues aren’t new, as the cost to live in Vermont has risen with taxes, which is something that Phillip Aldridge has heavily based his campaign on.


Aldridge is a Saint Johnsbury local, and says that he “knows what the people of Saint Johnsbury want, and on November 8th they will show that (Janssen and Beck) didn’t know what Saint Johnsbury needed”.  


Despite the age or gender differences, all the candidates are confident that they know whats best for Saint Johnsbury and the North East Kingdom.