Get to Know Wardinski

bootsNEWBURY - The race for Lieutenant Governor is lined with three candidates this season; Republican Randy Brock, Progressive Democrat David Zuckerman, and Independent Boots Wardinski.


Boots Wardinski isn’t your typical politician. He lives as a farmer, off the grid, in Newbury.

“We farm organically and we have a rototiller, but most of all the work we do is by hand," explains Wardinski.
Wardinski said that he wants to be able to open up more opportunity for the public when it comes to voting. He doesn’t want there to only be two choices on the ballot. When talking about the other two parties he said, “part of their operations are to limit the choices that the voters have and so my purpose is to increase those choices.”

Wardinski also mentioned that he is giving the public a good choice with a candidate running for a “socialist, non-violent party.”

The main points that Wardinski would like to focus on if he is elected into office are socialized medicine, disarming police, and cleaning up agriculture through out Vermont.

With agriculture being a topic that hits close to home, he has plans to help improve farming and the placements of solar panels. “Solar panels should go on box doors and buildings that are already in existence, not where you can actually produce food,” said Wardinski.  

“Primarily I'd like to see agriculture in Vermont be strictly organic. That's the only way we’re going to clean up the environment. There’s so much pollution involved in farming and if we don’t get a handle on that we’re never going to clean up Lake Champlain for one thing, thats a huge problem”, explains Wardinski.

Wardinski will be on the ballot tomorrow for voters to choose from, along with David Zuckerman and Randy Brock.