Alcohol Ban on the Ballot

DRY MONROENEW HAMPSHIRE - For the first time in 16 years residents of Monroe, NH will vote on a ban that's been in place since the late 80s.


Currently residents cannot buy or sell alcohol or lottery tickets in the town, but it's causing more problems for the town than for the drinkers and ticket scratchers. Jeff Geil is the owner of Farm to Fire, a catering business on Main Street.

"Monroe is a dry town because the residents had a dispute or a conflict with the previous owner and they decided to vote for a dry town and dry lotto or no lotto," he said. Years ago the ban stemmed from an issue with a Monroe store owner Lothar Riba. Residents voted to ban the sales, ultimately putting Riba in the hole and forced the doors to close in 2000.

Now over a decade has passed, Geil has moved his business in and is hopeful the ban will be lifted to open new doors. "That gives us the potential if we wish to expand Farm to Fire, our moblie catering business, to a fixed location," he said.

Geil started a petition to try and get alcohol for his business so when he sees, "Shall liquor be sold for consumption on the premisses where sold by permission of the state liquor commission in this city or town?" you know he's voting yes.