A Look at Patrick Seymour

Patrick SeymourAROUND THE NEK - The Caledonia District 4 seat is up for election, and Patrick Seymour is the youngest candidate in the running.

The 19-year-old business student, farmer, and firefighter resides in Sutton. He is running as a moderate democrat to represent his hometown, as well at Lyndon and Burke, in the statehouse.


According to Seymour, his whole platform is to make the Northeast Kingdom known. “My main objective is more pushing for the Northeast Kingdom. We don’t have as many people, but our voices can not be ignored.” said Seymour.

 Seymour would be the only democrat running against the two republican seats, which both Representatives Marty Feltus and Richard Lawrence hold.

“We have a lot of legislators in there who are good folks and really do understated the people that they are representing. But when they are asked to standup and speak they would rather hang in the back.” said Seymour. “So I think if I can get in there I can be the one to make Burlington realize that we actually exist.”

Farming is something Seymour believes benefits him in the race. “Being a farmer, you’re going to have different views then someone who say is working in an office. You’re working with your hands, you’re doing hard labor, so you’re more in tune with the land and the common folks.” said Seymour.

A part of Seymour’s platform is to help farmers who struggle economically. In addition, he want’s to provide incentives for green energy. 

Until election day, Seymour plans to campaign door to door, and stress the importance of voting.