Getting to Know Philip Aldridge

philipAROUND THE NEK- Election Day is only one week away, and candidates are doing their best to continue to gain supporters before they head to the polls.

Philip Aldridge is an independant candidate seeking election for one of two seats for the Caledonia County, District 3 State Representative.

The candidate spoke about key issues he thinks need to be dealt with, and feels St. Johnsbury has been mislead by the current seat members, Republicans Jassen Wilhoit and Scott Beck. "We have to maintain local control," said Aldridge. "Locals should have a say in how a school is run."

Aldridge said he wants to make a difference in the community. He currently works hard to balance work at Lyndon State College and his campeign. "I'm currently employed as a baker, one of the many hats I've had since I began working there," said Aldridge.

This candidate works hard, and said he had an inspiration to make a difference in the community. "I was greatly inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign," said Aldridge.

Aldridge thinks now is the best chance when everyone can affect change in the community around them.


P- PHILIP ALDRIDGE.transfer from NewsLINC on Vimeo.