Scott Milne in Saint Johnsbury

Scott MilneSaint Johnsbury — Candidate for United States Senator Scott Milne visited the Kingdom Taproom in Saint Johnsbury to speak about his campaign. Milne was able to talk directly to community members about the issues he sees inside Washington.

 “Our campaign is designed to point out that the United States Senate is broken and needs reform.” Milne has made this one of the focal points for his campaign. Milne’s opponent in the race is the most senior member of the United States Senate— Sen. Patrick Leahy (D). Sen. Leahy has held the position since 1974.

Martin Cherry is a local Republican who believes Sen. Leahy “needs to be consistent in judicial philosophy.”  Cherry went on to talk about how he’s concern about social issues facing Vermont. Milne believes Vermonters want to see government that is working to fix problems without special interest money. Milne went on to say $3.6 million for Sen. Leahy’s campaign this season has come from special interest groups. “We have taken a pledge for no special interest money,” Milne went on to say about his own campaign.

“Places like St. Johnsbury are really in need of commercial ratable properties. In other words, businesses that can come in and take some of the tax load,” Cherry brought up bringing businesses into the state. Cherry thinks this is an important issue that can be resolved by Milne.