Colchester Candidate

Colchester CandidateVERMONT - Two candidates are running for United States Representative in Vermont and faced off in a Vermont PBS Debate on Thursday night in Colchester.


Liberty Union party candidate Erica Clawson and Incumbent House Representative Peter Welch, running as both a Democrat and Republican, are both in this year’s race.

“Someone from a third party could be a very refreshing way to maybe blur that line between the parties,” Clawson said.

Meanwhile, Welch has been a representative for Vermont in the United States House since 2007 and this year Clawson is the only other nominee who’s running against him.

“Peter Welch and I, we agree on a lot of things. We know that each other is right on 99 percent of the issues,” says Clawson.

Some of the larger issues discussed in the debate were college tuition, gun control and border patrol for Vermont’s Southern and Northern Borders. Both Welch and Clawson agree that the Northern Borders should not be as divided as Derby Line.

After the debate, Welch was asked about his stance on EB-5, a program congress created in the 90’s, that has caused controversy in the Northeast Kingdom.  “Well what happened with Jay Peak and Mr. Quiros taking the money obviously is outrageous and isn’t as much about the EB-5 program but more about the conduct of an individual who mislead investors. I think it’s more up the ladder.”

Challenges that Welch wants to address if he gets re-elected into Congress in November are Congress’ dysfunctional relationship on both sides of the aisle, trying to find common ground and working together. Another challenge that Welch would like to address is building the economy, especially for those who have been left behind since the last great recession. Lowering healthcare costs, building big infrastructures that includes bringing broadband in rural America and focusing on jobs and incomes are all challenges Welch is looking to tackle if re-elected.

Election day for both Vermont and the Presidential Elections will be held on Tuesday November eighth.