A Closer Look at Jane Kitchel

Jane Kitchel

AROUND THE NEK- You may know Jane Kitchel as one of Caledonia district’s senators, however, there’s much more to this legislator then what meets the eye.

Kitchel, 71 years old, has not allowed her life to slow down one bit. Throughout her six terms as Senator, Kitchel, has adopted serving to nine senate committees.


Depending on the committee and on your interests there’s an awful lot of work I would say.” Says Kitchel, speaking from the comfort of her own home. “Yesterday I drove from Saint. Johnsbury to East Burke to Ryegate Corner to East Hardwick to North Danville in one day so there’s a lot of activities and a lot of opportunities to hear what are on people’s minds.”

Despite Kitchel’s busy schedule, she finds her free time to be comprised of the simple things. Kitchel enjoys cooking a nice dinner for her family and sets aside time every Sunday to have family dinners. In addition, Kitchel loves to garden and bake and says she has even adopted a title,

“Ah, I seem to have ended up being the birthday cake maker.” says Kitchel, laughing, as she rocks back and forth in her rocking chair.  

Kitchel’s family has resided in the Danville area since the mid 1800’s, where they own a farm house. The house is located right down the road from Kitchel, and she’s very grateful of her upbringing.

“It can’t get any better then what we’ve got right here” says Kitchel, referring to her families farm home. “There’s no question that we have a very strong sense of time and place and connectedness to this area.”

Kitchel’s roots are what makes her so passionate for her work as both of her parents were involved in the community, “my father was on the selectboard for many many years, my mother was in the legislature.”

During the upcoming month Kitchel will be preparing for the Vermont State Senate elections on November eighth as she hopes to be re-elected for her seventh term.