Seymour Running for Rep.

VT VoteAround the Northeast Kingdom- To be President of The United States you need to be 35-years-old. Now, there is the Sutton man who is running to get a seat in the House of Representatives in Vermont that is only 19-years-old.

Patrick Seymour has announced that he is running as a Democrat for one of the two Caledonia-4 Representative seats. Those seats are currently help by Rep. Martha Feltus (R.) and Rep. Richard Lawrence (R.) Seymour has been living in Sutton all his life and is very involved with the community there.

"I'm also a fire fighter… I'm the secretary of the fire department, I'm a trustee on the fire department," Seymour said. I'm active in the town, I'm already doing more then most people, so it seems like I'm not unqualified is what I would say."

Seymour has stated he would be able to help the state bring back younger people into the state for work. He is also pushing for more green energy in the state. When it comes to his age, Seymour feels like it has more advantages than not.

"The advantage to being young as it seems, is your not necessarily tied to one philosophy. As you get older you grow into one, but when your younger you say, well that makes sense, but not necessarily that," Seymour explained. 

Semyour sees opportunity in voting for either side to put the Green Mountain State in a better place.

"I can tell you as much as I'm running as a Democrat not everything the Democrats do is right. Not everything the Republicans do is right, and not everything the Republicans do is wrong," Semyour explained. "There are some bills that have to be signed yes for the Republicans and no for the Democrats. I'm the person who is going to look at it and say you know what I think you are wrong and won't sign that bill."

Seymour's willingness to work with people on both sides of the political spectrum is something that may give him an advantage in his run for the house.  It is not a common thing to hear people in politics say that they are willing to work with both political parties.

At this time, only three people are running. They are Seymour and both Representative Feltus and Lawrence. The deadline to file to be on the primary election ballot is May 26th.