Trump Rally at Plymouth State

Trump Thumbnail PLYMOUTH, NH- Hundreds of supporters, protestors and students got together at Plymouth State College on Sunday to attend a rally for prominent Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

With the New Hampshire primary being the first in the nation, many candidates saw it as essential to make a stop somewhere along the state: Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders being among the leading candidates.

Trump highlighted issues that he says are important in this presidential race, which included water boarding, healthcare, illegal immigration and foreign policy. He also linked those in with topics important to northern New Hampshire residents -- such as the increasing opiate addiction he connects to illegal immigration.

“The heroin problem, the drug problem, and all of the stuff that’s pouring in is incredible,” Trump said Sunday night. “All of the drugs coming into America is just incredible.”

And his supporters agree. Attendee Joshua Woody, a student at Plymouth State, says he thinks that a lot of people are overlooking what issues are important -- while Trump is not.

“It shouldn’t be about making friends, it should be about trying to do what’s right, and for a lot of people here I think it strikes a cord,” Woody said. “You know, with the drug problem in New Hampshire and jobs being sent away… So I think it relates to a lot of people here”.

Voters were there with other reasons to support Trump as well. Plymouth State student Rebecca Goldstein says she likes Trump for his “business mind,” and said she believes that “he’s going to bring back some habits of our old country and it’s really going to turn this place around."

Littleton resident Maureen Godbout also said she likes him because she thinks he is “direct, and to the point” and that Trump “lets us know where we are and gives us the facts."

With the first primary vote being cast tonight at midnight in Dixville Notch, NH, candidates are pushing to show the residents of New Hampshire what they stand for, and ultimately—for the vote.

With Texas Senator and fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz taking the Iowa caucus by just over 3%, Trump hopes to take victory over New Hampshire tomorrow.