Trump in China

trump in china 

CHINA- After China's President Xi Jinping first visited in America this April, he invited President Trump come to China. President Trump arrived in Beijing at 1:40AM 8th Novmber, East Time. He is going to start his first state visit to China for three days.

                            Trump's crew arrived in Beijing International Airport, 8th afternoon, they were warmly greeted by  China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ambassador to America Cui Tiankai, America’s ambassador to China Terry Brandstad also in the line. China will give them the highest standard activity.

                           Leave the airport Tump's first stop is the Palace Museum, President Xi jinping and his wife Peng liyuan were waitting there and took them to sightseeing around the Palace Museum to intorduced Chinese history. After that president Trump and Xi watched Beijing Opera toghter, they were chat with each other like friends which was long time no see, during the dinner time Tump showed them the video his granddaughter's Chinese study, and Xi gave her an "A+".

                           9th morning Beijing Time, President Xi and Trump held a big meeting in the Great Hall of the People. Xi said:" Since yesterday afternoon, we had an deep exchange of views on our country relations and issues of common interest. we also reached many consensus, we think China and America's relations not only about our country's people, but also about peace, prosperity, and stability of the world. And now only cooperation is the right choice that we can build a better future."

                           Trump also gave his own response in the meeting:" first of all, thank so much for your reception, we spent a really good time last night, and our dinner time over longer than I was thought, and I think for some point we are on the same page, like the North Korean nuclear issue, we should improve our cooperation to maintain more safety issue around the world. This morning's meeting we talked about our relations, our Bilateral trade cooperation. America must change our trade rules, because we know the rules behind China so far, We keep friendly communicating for a real long time, but everything is changing, so we need change ourselves to more suitable and more equal to each other. I think we can make both China and America better, I appreciate for your reception, I really enjoy the time here thank you."

                           President Trump will finish his trip in China tomorrow.