Clinton In New Hampshire

SPECIAL COVERAGE-- On Thursday evening in Littleton, over 200 hundred people gathered as Hillary Clinton spoke to about her vision for a vibrant rural America during her rural economic round table. Clinton told residents that if elected, one of her main goals is to help the rural areas because "communities like this [Littleton] built America."

Clinton stated that she wanted to be the small business President which means that she wants to help farmers and local business owners start up as well as suceed, which she claims she can do using three things; Education, Innovation, and Diversity.

"No Middle Class family will have to take out loans for a four year school." Clinton promised the crowd comprised of both the young and the old. In addition to this promise she also stated her plan to make all community colleges free with her New College Compact Plan. "Things are better, but not good enough as far as I'm concerned." She said addressing the situation of the crippling debt many citizens are in due to student loans.

Clinton also promised the lowest possible rate possible on student loans with her plan of providing discounts to those who go into jobs in the public and national service, such as teachers and law enforcement. However, Clinton firmly stated that she doesn't think education should be just a handout. "I think it's good for young persons to work for their education."

In addition to her plans for more affordable education, Clinton also says she wants to make "Rural Emerica a leader in clean energy." She plans to increase the emount of renewable energy by three hundred times the amount it is now. She also pledged that if elected she will add half a billion solar panels within the four years of her presidency.

Other topics that Clinton touched upon during her visit are, enforsing a more comprehensive immigration reform, and putting peace before war when solving disputes with other nations.