New School Roof for Monroe

thumbnailtemplate copyMONROE - Town Meeting Day in both Vermont and New Hampshire have come and gone. Tuesday night in Monroe, voting on a new school roof, as well as a new town highway loader, headlined the event.

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Burton Seat To Remain In Republican Control

joe kenneyNEW HAMPSHIRE - Democrat Mike Cryans will concede to Republican Joe Kenney in the race for the NH District 1 Executive Council seat formerly held by Ray Burton.


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When A Scammer Calls

phonescamNEW HAMPSHIRE- Police have reported a phone scam crossing Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont that has collected over hundreds of thousands dollars.New Hampshire State Police believe the scammers are focusing mostly on the elderly, however everyone is at risk.

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Hill Deemed Competent For Trial

littleton homicideNEW HAMPSHIRE - A Vermont man charged with stabbing a woman to death at a hotel in Littleton last January has been deemed competent to stand trial


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Affordable Health Care

affordable health careNEW HAMPSHIRE - People are now having to seek health insurance through the state exchanges all across Vermont and New Hampshire and the insurance provider Anthem Blue Cross has decided not to make Cottage Hospital in Woodsville, NH a part of their plan.

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