Yang NH Rally and Dropping Out

YANG NH RALLYLITTLETON, NH- Late afternoon on February 11th, Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang announced that he was dropping out of the Presidential Race. Yang posted on Facebook, "Thank you to each and every person who made this campaign possible, I love and appreciate you. Being your candidate has been the privilege of my life. We will continue to do the work and move this country forward".


An hour after Andrew Yang posted on Facebook about dropping out of the race, Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders posted on Facebook as well. "Thank you Andrew Yand for running an issue-focused campaign and working to bring new voters into the political process. I look forward to working together to defeat the corruption and bigotry of Donald Trump."

Since Yang dropped out of the race, he has started his own organization called Humanity Forward.

His announcement to drop out of the race was just after the New Hampshire primaries and two days after Yang held a rally in Littleton New Hampshire.

The rally in Littleton consisted of about seventy people supporting Yang, coming from around Northern New Hampshire as well as the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Yang discussed his proposals and policies during the rally. His most talked about proposal was to give one thousand dollars to every adult american until the day they die, per month. Andrew Yang's policies focuses on; Universal Healthcare, Combating Climate Change, Women's rights, student loans as well as LGBTQ rights. Before the New Hampshire Debate, Yang was fifth in the Democratic Polls. At the rally, Littleton voter, Emily Buckley, gave insight on what she thought about Andrew Yang.