Monroe School Security

Monroe-Monroe voters on town meeting day voted no on the propsed 1.6 million dollar school security updates for the Monroe Consolidated School.


Town voters overwheming voted no against this proposal, with those opposed for it voting ninety three to fifty nine.


If voters had voted yes on adding extra security to the school, the entrances would have seen the most upgrades. More security would have been added to the existing entrances. Such as, possibly adding intercoms to the remaining entrances so parents would need to be buzzed in. The proposal also mentioned adding more cameras to the outiside building. Also, spaces inside the building that are no longer used would have added security, which could prevent someone from breaking into them.

Those who voted no on this security mentioned at town meeting how security is already in place for Monroe. As there are cameras outside the front entrance to the school, and there you need to be buzzed in by the office. Although the majority of the town voters opposed this project mainly for financial reasons, there were many voters who supported this project. School shootings were cited as a concern from voters, but voters also expressed that added safety for students in general is very important.

Superintendant Bill Lander voiced concern that the town opted to not add more security to the school "I obviously don't agree that it is a good thing that happened. The project was to secure the buliding and also free up additional spaces within the building. So, it would have been benficial both for the safety of the staff and students, as well as the working staff here."Lander said.

The Monore School Board currently does not have any new proposed security plans, but they hope to reexamine school security before the Fall.