Emily Trahan: Littleton's Strongwoman

emilytrahanLITTLETON - Emily Trahan of Littleton, NH, began heavy-lifting when she was 15 years old. At the encouragement of her family, Trahan picked up a weight and was immediately hooked. Four years later, she's competing across the country, making a name for herself in the sport, and continually improving her craft.

Most recently, she competed in the Strongman Corporation Nationals in Las Vegas, participating in five events, including: log clean and press for reps, frame deadlift, husafell stone carry, yoke walk, and stone of steel over bar for reps.

According to Trahan's trainer Ryan Largay, her potential was apparent from the start. "She was strong, very coordinated - had a gift. So we started lifting weights, she progressed pretty fast, into some big weights – she was lifting big weights, and she won Teen Nationals a few years ago, and she's only gotten stronger since then."

Trahan is now 18, and completing her senior year of high school. On top of studying and working a part-time job on the weekends, she finds the time to train every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Throughout her training session on Saturday morning, Trahan described the supportive nature of lifting. "We're competing against ourselves. That's why I love doing competitions. No matter if you come in first or whatever I'm just doing it for me and myself, and everyone is just helping and cheering you on."

Largay agreed, discussing the combination of physical and mental stress endured by strongmen and women. "We undergo a lot of pain and discomfort, you're holding a couple hundred pounds in each hand, and you have to walk as far as you can with it, and fight through that pain and discomfort to go that extra foot or two feet, for the win or for your personal best. So your mindset has to be special, we're special people."

If asked to describe Trahan in one word, an appropriate choice may be positive. So for many, it may seem strange that someone so sweet could find the power to hold more than their own body weight above their head. For Trahan, progress is her motivation, and that optimistic mind-set may be what sets her apart from competitors.

According to Largay, if Trahan keeps up with her training the way she is now, she will go far in her strongwoman career.