Littleton Holds Their Town Meeting

littleton tmd thumbnailLITTLETON - Littleton New Hampshire held their town meeting day on March 13th, and along with an exceptional budget and agenda, they also saw an exceptional turnout for voters. This was very pleasing to members of Littleton's town government because, as the town manager of Littleton, Andrew Dorsett would tell you, there are big plans set in motion for their town that are dependent on voters.
"We have at least five-million dollars in projects that we will be able to pay, for the most part, without the use of tax dollars from members of the town. We will be remaking roads throughout the town that need to be renovated, plus we have some buildings that are due for renovation." Dorsett explained, "Lucky for us we have some grants and funds that we will be able to use to help pay for these projects, we should only need about five-hundred thousand from the town."
Projects put in place on the ballot include... Building a Cultural Arts Advisory Commission, creating a sewer bond on Mill Street, making repairs to town roads such as Foster Hill, and incorporating the Keno Games into town businesses.
While most of these projects are new and exciting for the town, there is one hot button item that has been discussed by the town that relates back to 2014. This is the acquisition of a land parcel located in the Littleton Industrial sector. As it stands today, the town was ready to sell the land to the L.I.D.C. corporation back in 2014; however, due to an error that was made in the language of the proposal, the town was never given the opportunity to sell the land parcel. "there were some errors in the language that caused the transfer to not be able to take place... and so this year we are putting it back on the ballot... and we are asking the voters to approve this transfer of this industrial parcel to L.I.D.C. for future development."
Gerald Winn, the Town Moderator for Littleton, was pleased by the crowd that had generated at the polls. "I've been the Moderator for my town for a very long time, and this year I arrived to see a line of voters waiting for the town meeting, it's a sight that I have not seen very often, but it is a sight that always makes me feel good going into our town meeting day.