St. Johnsbury Academy Students Win Art Awards

Art Awards 2018-02-19 at 9.29.55 AMST. JOHNSBURY- Fifteen St. Johnsbury Academy students have become award recipients through the Vermont Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. There had been 35 regional art awards all together between the fifteen students. They had received ten gold keys, nine silver keys and 17 honorable mentions. The gold keys will be judged at the national level of the competition.


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National Caregiving Around NEK

st.j houseST JOHNSBURY- Friday was National Caregivers Day. A day not only to thank and appreciate those who help others for a living, but for them to reflect on what they actually do. This day is not only for caregivers, but also for Nurses.

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Sutton School Sign

Sutton School Sign 2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMSUTTON- At Sutton's town meeting this year, one thing that will be voted on is the school's sign, as the school was recently informed that their current sign is about a square foot too large. The Sutton School is seekingto make its school sign smaller.

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Vermont Has Good Karma

Good KarmaVERMONT - For eleven years, one organization in Vermont has worked endlessly to rescue stray dogs, to find them a permanent lifelong home.

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Barnet Counselor Wins Award

Emma PhotoBARNET- The Barnet School held their weekly community meeting this morning. These meetings are a time for the school community to get together, celebrate birthdays, individual achievements, and classroom success.

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Peacham School Adds Ice Rink

Peacham Ice Rink ThumbnailPEACHAM- The town of Peacham is joining what seems to be a growing number of towns with outdoor ice rinks in the Northeast Kingdom. The rink opened last week at the Peacham School, thanks to parent Eric Kaufman.

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Icy Roads Call for Sand Loads

feb vtrans thumbnailAROUND THE NEK - The 2017-2018 winter season has definitely been one for the books, with rapid temperature fluctuations creating very icy road conditions, it has made it very hard for Vtrans and road crews to keep the roads safe for travel. Lucky for residents of the Northeast Kingdom, they are up to the task.

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NEK Hunger

NEK Food edited-2

One organization in Vermont works everyday towards helping children in Vermont overcome the challenge of starvation.

On December 1st, The Hunger Council of the Northeast Kingdom met to discuss the solution of making Vermont a hunger free state. In past meetings, the Hunger Council has searched for different solutions by creating child nutrition programs like backpack programs, summer meal programs, and more. On December 1st, they explored the options to ensure food security for children throughout the year.

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Governor Supports New Marijuana Legislation

LYNDONVILLE - Governor Phil Scott is standing by his decision to support new legislation to legalize possesson of small ammounts of marijuana in Vermont. The bill passed the Senate this past summer and is currently waiting for debate on the House floor in Montpelier.

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Proposed Gun Legislation In Congress

LYNDONVILLE - The House of Representatives on Wednesday has passed a piece of legislation to change federal firearm laws. The bill includes a measure to expand the background check process on gun sales and eases restrictions on carrying firearms from one state to another.

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Winter Wonderland, Except for Drivers

Winter Story ThumbnailAROUND THE NEK- Tuesday marked the first major accumulation of snow in the Northeast Kingdom. And while skiers and snowboarders may have been rejoicing, drivers in the area were not. Vehicles have been having problems all day, from simple slips and slides to full on roll overs.

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Forest Economy In The Nek

loggingISLAND POND- Today at a public forum held at the Island Pond Welcome Center the topic of discussion was forest economy. The forum was led by Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Recreation Sam Lincoln and Director of Forests Steve Sinclair. The forum gave information on legislation and future plans regarding forest economy. While many may think a lot of things drive economy here in the northeast kingdom, forest economy may be the leader of all industries. This could be due to the fact that the kingdom is heavily forested. 


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Kingdom All-Stars Preperation

Kingdom-All-Stars-bass-drum-vpr-noyes-20170205St. JOHNSBURY - The Kingdom All-Stars are hard at work preparing for their big concert coming up on New Years Eve.

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RCT thumbnailLYNDON - The two shuttle bus companies, known as Rural Community Transportation and Green Mountain Transit are both developing new plans for their businesses to more efficiently serve their communities. It is not a coincidence that both companies are developing plans at the same time, both companies have a history of collaboration with one another in order to best serve their joined areas.

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New Office Space in Barnet

Barnet new officeBARNET- Barnet Select board held a public meeting in Mcindoes Falls Academy last night, the building committee got together and talked about the new changes of this building, it seems Barnet town will have a new office space soon.

Mcindoes Falls Academy began to have students in 1853, sine it closing, the town of Barnet has tried their best to keep the history of this building, and now is proposing an addition that would allow the structure to serve as a multiple purpose facility.

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Bird-feeder Safety Tips

Bird Feeder Safety ThumbnailAROUND THE NEK- With winter officially starting to set in, the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife is offering some safety tips for bird-feeders. Their first tip is to make sure that you keep bird-feeders clean. They recommend cleaning them at least once a month to help keep them bacteria-free.

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Inheriting The Kingdom

NORTH EAST KINGDOM - Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans counties are known as the North East Kingdom. For those from the region it is as synonymous as saying one is from New England.

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An Age Of Need

nekonagingjpgST. JOHNSBURY- The Northeast Kingdom Council On Aging is in need of volunteers. But not how you might think. The council is entering an age of need to find not a quantity of volunteers as they have 335.They are looking for volunteers that pertain to certain needs of the people they tailor to.

This can be finding people for tasks that range from snow removal to a ride to Boston. 


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Peacham Residents Vote on ACT46

ACT 46 PEACHAM - The Peacham residents took the polls voted on ACT 46 yesterday form 7am to 7pm, which is make a decision to remain an independent school district.


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LI Girls Basketball Begins a New Journey

The Lyndon Institute Girls Basketball team begins their new journey today at 3 this afternoon for tryouts. Last year, the girls took home The Vermont State Division II Championship.

Calex Contract for Barnet

Calex Barnet ThunmbnailBarnet - The Barnet selectboard was one of two town select boards that reviewed a contract sent to them by the Calex Ambulatory Service Monday the 27th. This is the second time that they have reviewed the contract in the past six months, and with the town appropriation request deadline fast approaching, the members of Calex need an answer soon.

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Barnet School Gets Mechanical

ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 4BARNET- One employee at the Barnet Elementary School decided to add a new addition to the school's program. Melissa Bushey, was inspired by her son to create a robotics program for her third and fourth grade students.


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Free Meals for Students

lunchline copy 4Around the NEK - Schools in the Northeast Kingdom are providing free meals to their students. Anyone who has attended school knows of "hot lunches" and the fact that hot lunches cost money; but recently, some schools have changed the hot lunch dynamic of payment.

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Winter Ban on Manure Spreading

AROUND THE NEK— The holidays may still be a few weeks away, however for farms in Vermont the middle of December means one thing, the annual manure ban going back into place. This year the ban will begin on December 15th.

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STJ PD Search Nears An End

stjpdST. JOHNSBURY - The search for a new chief of police in St. Johnsbury is nearing an end. Former Vermont State Trooper and Groton resident, Tim Page, had a second interview on Wednesday for the vacant position.

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