Wheelock Road Crew Looking for Crew Member

Wheelock Road CrewWHEELOCK- Not only has the road crew been out fixing bumps in the roads, they have also been busy trying to fill holes in their crew.

The town is currently operating at only half of it's full time staff. Typically the small town has two full time road crew members and some temporary workers who assist when they can. They have been still dealing with the intense rainfall event a few weeks ago, which caused the passumpsic and its tributaries to break their banks.

Wheelock had some roads wash out due to backed up culverts, and the repair process had been a slow one. They have had their work cut out for them, especially since both of the temporary workers were unable to assist during this time, as they have other commitments. The one man show had to yield priority to first responders, making sure the roads were passable for them to get through. 


An emergency meeting was held by the select board where they met with concerned citizens who wanted a solution to the high turnover position. Together they discussed solutions like raising the salaries of the workers, and giving them better benefits, hoping to entice people to join the demanding position. According to Town Clerk, Carol Rossi, most of the road work is done by the crew themselves, very rarely do they contract out. 


Rossi also says that the town would "feel much more secure if we have two full time people on the road crew, and we aren't relying on people who may or may not be available as temporary workers"