Wheelock Dog Licenses Due April 1

Dog LicensingWheelock- Do you own a dog and live in Wheelock? Is your dog over six months old? Dog licenses are due by Monday April first in the Town of Wheelock. All residents with a dog who is over six months old must license their dog. Besides being required by state law, the biggest push behind this registration is to prevent the spread of rabies.

Town Clerk, Carol Rossi said, "the major purpose behind this procedure is to ensure public safety." Rossi stresses the importance of the rabies certificate. Adding that in the unfortunate case of a dog biting someone, it will make the situation easier and potentially life saving if officials are able to determine whether or not the dog has had its vaccinations or not.


If your dog is spayed and neutered, the cost is nine dollars, as opposed to if your dog isn't, then youre paying thirteen. All payments can be made at the Town Clerks Office.