Cows are Starting to Move into the Barns

chandlerfarmcowsWHEELOCK- The foliage has sprung, the temperature is starting to drop and the cows are heading to the barn, at least they are at the Chandler Pond Farm in Wheelock Farm owner Chuck Dill is starting to prepare his farm for the winter season.

This means cutting and stacking wood, putting away the equipment for the year, covering up crops so they survive through the winter and most importantly taking care of his cows.


Dill says he brings the cows down from the fields and puts them in the barn to stay warm, but they have the option to come out and enjoy the snow. According to him cows don't mind being in the cold and snow, they have two layers of fur and prefer it to hot weather. 

A majority of his cattle will be giving birth as soon as November and they are keeping a keen eye on them in case of stress or any complication. He says they rarely need to help in the birthing process. Those new born calfs will be ready for slaughter within a year. Dill says, "You look at the cattle everyday to make sure nobody's stressed or anything. We feed the everyday because they need to be fed so we're out there with them, checking in on them."