Police Looking for Man Who Left Fire Scene

wheelock fireWHEELOCK – Police are hoping to locate a man who was found on the site of a structure fire that broke out over the weekend. During a walk through of the site Sunday morning, investigators found Jason Henderson in the attic of the garage. The police asked Henderson a few questions about details of the fire, but he later left the scene without permission and could not be found.

Sheffield-Wheelock Fire Chief Marc Brown stated the blaze began around 9:45pm on 68 Sutton Road in Wheelock on Saturday evening. After receiving several witness phone calls to 911, Sheffield-Wheelock crews responded to the scene to find the rear of the building was fully engulfed.

The firefighters were able to cut the fire off so it did not spread to the adjacent apartment, but Vermont State Police report that homeowner Larry Clark’s apartment was a total loss.

The fire caused Clark to withstand several severe burns. He was transported to the Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, and then transferred to a Boston Burn Center to complete a long recovery.

“Right now, we believe that the cause of the fire was an accident involving the portable generator,” states Brown. “But we are still in the investigation process, and are pending a few more interviews.”

Police ask for anyone with information about the fire or Henderson’s whereabouts to please call the Vermont State Police at (802) 748-3111.