Farm to Plate

farmtoplateWHEELOCK - The Farm to Plate plan is meant to help local farmers like Curtis Sjolander of Mountain Foot Farm, but the program is adding confusion in certain areas for some farmers.
The plan was implemented in 2009, and was designed as ten-year plan that would strengthen Vermont's food system and focus on locally produced products.


Sjolander is not quite sold on the effectiveness of the Farm to Plate plan, "I'm skeptical of somebody saying 'Oh I've got this big plan!' Well, let's see what happens there," Sjolander said.

Sjolander aspires to grow his trout and vegetable farms. He has thought of adding extra help, but lacks the resources to do so. He believes regulations and fees are standing in the way.

"I want to get a little bit bigger and I want to hire somebody. There's a whole other set of regulations, costs, and fees that you have to pay, and all the stuff that just pops up there. It's difficult to get to this size, and to get to the next size," he said.

Reports say the plan will add 1,500 more jobs for farmers, but Sjolander isn't one of those employing yet, because of the hassles that are involved.

"I don't see them ever changing. They talk about employing more people, you've got to take away the regulations that cause you to not grow because it's such a hassle," Sjolander explained.

For now, Scholander will continue to work on both his trout and vegetable farms on his own.