St Johnsbury Armory Redevelopment

ST. JOHNSBURY - Due to a lack of available space, the town has chosen to remodel the armory to house the neighborhood's fire and police departments, as well as the dispatch center. In 1975, the state of Vermont deeded the property over to the town of Saint Johnsbury which used the armory for many years as a recreational facility primarily but also over the years it served many other purposes including the police many years ago and the restorative justice center. In 2009, the building was shuttered because of the expense of operations and so the armory went approximately 10 years with absolutely no activity.

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St. Johnsbury Uses $50 Thousand in ARPA Money for Micro-Grants

ST. JOHNSBURY -  Saint Johnsbury will make $50 thousand in ARPA money to issue micro-grants of $1000 to $5000, assisting in building small projects that benefit the town. They are now accepting applications thru May 30.  Town Manager, Chad Whitehead, said, "the whole concept this first round, we want people thinking about a project that might benefit the community to be able to take that first step." The micro-grants are available for businesses, non-profits, and citizens.

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Mack Varnum Evidence Hearing

St Johnsbury - A kidnapping case is no laughing matter. Mack Varnum was in court again March 29th for an evidence hearing in regards to alleged kidnapping and attempted murder charges.

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Landlord troubles in Lyndon

St Johsbury- Frederick (Rick) Schwag, a landlord in Lyndon , was once again a no show in court Monday. Schwag, along with the town of Lyndon, is being sued by tenant Jeremy Hannan.

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St. J Sparkles Celebration Returns This Weekend

ST. JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury once again is getting festive for its annual St. J Sparkles celebration! Lights and decorations have been strung up downtown and various storefronts have added to the displays. Discover St. Johnsbury's Director, Gillian Sewake, says it's time for "St. Johnsbury's signature celebration of everything holidays."

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Keep Vermont Cool Visits St. Johnsbury

St.Johnsbury- This past Friday the climate action and advocacy campaign made their third stop in St. Johnsbury for their tour of Vermont.

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St.Jonsbury and Black River Design

St.Johnsbury- The St.Johnsbury school could be getting a face lift as the board met Monday October 17th to discuss plans with Montpelier based Black River Design. 


The plan is to renovate existing buildings as well as adding additional security cameras. According to Black River Design they did not have a concrete plan in place yet and are still working out details. They were not able to present during that meeting due to this but hope to have plans completed soon. 



Canidates Battle it out in St Johnsbury

ST. JOHNSBURY - A candidate forum was held at the St Johnsbury Atheneum on September 14th.  Lieutenant Governor candidates, Joe Benning and David Zuckerman discussed their differences and how they would serve Vermont.

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St.Johnsbury residents without water

ST. JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury residents are on a boil water notice after a pipe broke the afternoon of September 6th.

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St J Fire Truck Needs Repair

ST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury fire department has owned their "Engine 1" truck since 2001. Earlier this week, the St. Johnsbury select board approved $22,320 for repairs.

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Local Firefighter Receives Medal for Bravery

ST. JOHNSBURY - Everyday, first responders are saving lives. While some of what they do is noticed by the community, it's the little details that are missed.

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Hydrant Project in St J

ST. JOHNSBURY - Folks in the town of St. Johnsbury may have noticed that some of the fire hydrants have been out of service for a few months. According to the St. Johnsbury fire department, they are not in just one location but many.

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Expanding NVRH

ST. JOHNSBURY - The Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital has been serving the Kingdom for years. They look to continue their mission with the 3 million dollars they will receive as part of the major government funding bill announced by Senator Sanders.

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The Story Behind The Shooting

ST.JOHNSBURY-"Allison Roslund then heard a gunshot, and she knew Keithan was gone." Police reports stated in relation to the murder of Vincent Keithan on the morning of March 1st, 2022.

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A New Future for the Fairbanks

ST. JOHNSBURY - Businesses in the Kingdom may be looking at a couple 100 to 1000 dollars in upgrades.
This past Wednesday Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders passed a bill through the senate which is now awaiting President Biden's signature. This bill would 38 million dollars to businesses across the state of Vermont.

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Artist Pitch Project Ideas

ST. JOHNSBURY-The Town of St. Johnsbury has been working on its downtown renovations over time. But Catamount Arts is working to put a new addition downtown that will attract visitors to a local historic landmark.

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Shooting On Town Meeting Day

ST. JOHNSBURY-Amidst Town Meeting day yesterday, a terrible event took place outside of Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital. That left one person dead, and police looking for answers.

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NVRH Celebrates 50 Years

ST. JOHNSBURY - Northern Vermont Regional Hospital has been serving the NEK for 50 years. This past Monday, they started their virtual year long celebration.

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Fairbanks Re-Opens with New Exhibits

ST. JOHNSBURY - The Fairbanks Museum welcomes the public back with new updates and exhibits.  According to museum Director of Relations Anna Rubin, this is a yearly occurrence.

Exhibits include a interactive wildlife exhibit where the public can grip handles that compare their strength to different kind of birds.

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Local Prison Outbreak Grows To 20

ST. JOHNSBURY - A local correctional facility still is seeing an uptick in cases after three weeks.

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Answering Questions For Parents On Vaccines

ST. JOHNSBURY - As the state of Vermont moves in on getting children vaccinated by the end of December, some parents in the state are hesitant to get their children vaccinated. Northern Vermont Regional Hospitals Dr. Joshua Kantrowitz briefs parents on why this vaccine is safe.

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Fire On Summer Street

ST JOHNSBURY - The air smelt of smoke and burning paint, the front yard covered in glass and broken window screens. Locals gathered on summer street throughout the day to witness the remanence of what was once a home to four people.

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Boosters In NEK

ST. JOHNSBURY - As cases have risen over several weeks in the state of Vermont, the Phil Scott administration continues to encourage Vermonters to get their booster shots. Although many have already received their booster shot, in the Northeast Kingdom alone the positivity rate is much higher than other areas of the state. Here in Caledonia County, there are over six vaccination sites to choose from. After visiting the Green Mountain Mall, patients give their feedback about getting their boosters.

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"The Game" Is Back

St. Johnsbury - The Lyndon Institute Vikings faced off against the St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers in their 116th game.

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Scarecrows Decorate St. J Streets

Article Written by Kaitlin Flannigan

ST. JOHNSBURY - Some fall festive characters have arrived on the streets of St. Johnsbury with the start of the second annual scarecrow competition!

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