Veterans Day Celebrations in St Johnsbury

SAINT JOHNSBURY- The town was selected to host the 25th annual Veteran's parade.

The parade was presented by the Green Mountain Council of Boy Scouts. It was the second the time the town hosted the parade since previuosly organized in 2006. Vermont is the only state in the entire nation to have a parade like this and it started in 1999 by a Boy Scout leader by the name of Pete Whitaker. Ever since then, the parade has attracted numerous of scouts, veterans, and spectators. 

Dick Ball was the veteran who would lead the parade for the last couple years. This year, it was led by another veteran who was honored to fill Dick's shoes, "I was fortunate enough to have Dick Ball lead me for the last couple of years in the ceremonies and traditions that go along with it and I couldn't have done it without him," said Sgt. Christian Garcia.

Most of the veterans that were part of this ceremony are no longer serving in the military, but are still serving around the community.

"We're all out of the service now, but we continue to help veterans, our community, their family members and they fought for's what you do," former Veteran Roland Bigelow stated. We want to thank all of those Veterans who served and are still serving for the good of our country.