St. Johnsbury Moose Club Hosts Fundraiser

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Moose Club FundraiserST. JOHNSBURY- The Moose Club held a fundraiser for Charlie and Pat Cushman this past Saturday. The fundraiser was used to help the cost of Charlie's medical expenses.


The Cushman's have lived in the area all of their lives and they also were a part of many clubs and organizations in the area. They always would help volunteer to help make the community a better place. Charlie was heavily involved with the Moose Club and the Moose Club wanted to find a way to give back to him and his wife Pat.

"My father has been a member of the Moose Club for many years and he was the administrator here for a period of time and has always been in good standing and just really 'has' been a member of the Moose community and I think what he enjoyed most about it is the Moose Club always tries to give back to their members. Well my parents are very proud people born and raised right here in the area so they know a lot of people and I know they have been involved in fundraisers themselves so definitely it's heartwarming to see the community give back to them has just come full circle it is very generous and very sweet to see it, "said daughter Kim Rowell.

The Cushman's son Bruce Cushman said it's not only the family that is helping give back but it's the clubs.

"It's family after family after family to come along we try to give back everything to the community as much as we can that's what we do not not us the clubs, the clubs and the communities and keeping that support local is very very important, said Cushman.

"So again it's just amazing to see the people come out and they show local families helping out," said Rowell.

The governor of the Moose Club Terry Wright also enjoys that the community can help each other out when times are tough.

"We help the community as much as we can, there's a lot of people that are in need that we donate the halls to and we get a band and we help them out as much as we can in their time and need there's a lot of family members and friends here and they can see we are reaching out to help people when they really need it, said Wright.

"It's also important that we can carry this on for future generations to come because once we get old we will need the help, said Wright.

The Moose Club hopes that they can continue to pass on the generosity for many generations to come.