Bay Street Fire: Seeking Public Assistance

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baystupdateST. JOHNSBURY- It's been over a month since a fire burnt an abandoned building in St. Johnsbury. The fire happening at 659 Bay Street is being investigated as arson. Jon Bouffard the St. Johnsbury Fire Chief said it was an, "Incendiary fire, the State Police came in and the Fire Marshal's office, and determined that there were two locations within the building that there were fire."

Since the fire on September 15th, the St. Johnsbury police department have been working to find who is responsible. Sgt. Lester Cleary of the St. Johnsbury Police Department says, "We know through my investigation and through reviewing security camera footage in the area, we know an exact time that the smoke started coming out of the building."


Cleary has received statements from witnesses who were on scene when the fire but and now the department are seeking the publics help . "I've identified some witnesses in the immediate area, but I know from photographs and video that there were other people in the area at the same time. And not necessarily when the fire trucks arrived and the firemen were battling the blaze, but at the early, early onset of the fire" he says.

Any witnesses that were in the area are encouraged to speak up and share what they know. Cleary says there were bystanders he hasn't yet spoken to who may have taken photos and videos that could be useful to the case. "I'd like to speak to those people and if they'd be willing to share their video or photographs and just have the briefest of conversations with them. "

The Police Department is hopeful that the publics assistance will help close this case. Anyone with information can call Sergeant Lester Cleary at the St. Johnsbury police station at (802)-748-2314 or you can call the Crime Stoppers at (802)-748-2222 to leave an anonymous tip.

P-BAY ST FIRE UPDATE from NewsLINC on Vimeo.