Arraignment in O'Hagan Case

OHagan ChargesSHEFFIELD-  Friday three men were charged with first degree murder and kidnapping of the seventy- eight year old woman, Mary Pat O'Hagan. Yesterday two of the men were arraigned, Keith Baird and Richard Fletcher, both plead not guilty to first degree murder, kidnapping, and robbery.


The two men are step- brothers and along with their cousin Michael Norrie, police believed they robbed O'Hagan while high on crystal meth.  Baird told police that he never had doubted his brothers involvement in the killing. Newly released court documents state that the three men are also connected with drugs in the area and O'Hagan may have caught on to their drug operation. The documents also said that O'Hagan was strangled with an electrical cord during the attack.

Other Recent court documents have surfaced stating that Norrie told police he went to her house to steal prescription pills, but after speaking with O'Hagan he quote "freaked out" and then used a twenty-two caliber gun to shoot her. O'Hagan was last seen on September 10th. Her body was found four weeks later on Horn Road in Wheelock.

Mary's sons were at the arraignment along with many of her friends and each said they wondered if this day would ever come.

"Today meant that somebody is being held responsible for our mothers death, and hopefully it's the start for justice to be served and get him to trial," Shawn O'Hagan said.

Police say an arrest warrant has been issued for Norrie, although he is already serving a sentence  in Pennsylvania on Federal Gun Crimes.

While Friends of Baird were also at the arraignment and stated that he was a good guy and "believe he didn't do it."