Off the Grid

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AlexSHEFFIELD- Deep in Sheffield, far off the beaten path you will find Scott Salmonsen working on his new home. But this house is far from conventional. His 14 by 14-two story cabin is completely self sustainable.



This construction plan has been an idea that both Salmonsen and his brother have been thinking up since he can remember.

“I had two goals in high school, one to be a multi-millionaire and the other to build a completely self sustainable house.”

After moving to California where he opened is own restaurant, Salmonsen returned to the east coast where he purchased land to begin building his dream home with his brother.

“We made a good team and we both enjoyed it a lot. We would come up here and work until all the batteries were dead.”

Salmonsen ran into many obstacles (working with no power, or construction vehicles), but was never defeated. He also managed to do all this while running his new restaurant “Grains & Grinds” located in St. Johnsbury.

But this home-building project acted more as an escape for Salmonsen,

“Your always on the clock, but when you come up here its completely different.”

As some could never think about living off the grid, Salmsonen wouldn’t have it any other way. He was even able to keep up with the Red Sox in the World Series thanks his portable radio. Living with nothing but nature and his German shepherd ‘Barley’, Salmonsen says, “It’s a simpler life, that’s the bottom line.”