Sheffield Town Office Is Now Open

SHEFFIELD- The town Clerk has released a statement on their towns website April 22nd, 2020 that they have reopened their Town office. But even though they are now open, the office is taking necessary precautions to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. 


The Town's Office will now have regular business hours as stated in the notice on the town's website. The Town Clerk's office encourages everyone to continue doing as much as possible remotely and to wear a face covering mask if they do need to visit the office."We are wearing face covering masks when visitors are in the office and maintaining social distancing."

The town office has taken the necessary precautions in order to keep everyone safe during this time. They are washing hands, using more hand sanitizer as well as having sanitizer available in the office for visitors. Along with sanitizing contact surfaces.

The Town Clerk would also like to add "There are only two of us, myself and my wife who is an assistant clerk. We do not commonly have many visitors anyway and the ones we do have now are aware of not crowding into the office. Fortunately our office is also fairly spacious so it is easier to maintain social distancing."