Food Delivery For Those In Need

SHEFFIELD - Sheffield's Food Pantry will remain open, but be completely delivery for the time being during the Covid-19 pandemic. The food pantry remains open under its manager, Sara Camber, and more than a dozen volunteers.

Camber says that the food pantry buys its food from the Vermont food bank in Barre, and that the food pantry is working with them daily to make sure necessary sanitizing precautions are taken during this time. Before the pantry decided to make its business delivery based, customers were able to come in to "shop" for what they needed or wanted. But they will now start to make pre-made boxes for those in need. Cambers will be making up to 40 boxes of food to be ready for those who need them while wearing a mask and gloves to ensure that everyone stays safe.  Volunteers wearing gloves during delivery.

Chair of the food pantry, Greg Bryant said, "it is the hope of the food pantry that by delivering to residents, we can further help people to remain in their homes. Until risk diminishes to our vulnerable and elderly neighbors."

To keep everyone safe during this time, no 2 persons should be allowed to enter town hall to pick up the boxes before going out for delivery.  "I will be cleaning the town hall, especially the door handles. No one besides me will be allowed inside. I will bring boxes out to volunteer cars. It's going to be hard work, but worth it to make sure no one has to go without," Camber explained. The food pantry encourages people to spray and wipe down anything they receive from the food pantry.

The food pantry is setting up a box outside town hall from April 21st through April 22nd for people to drop non-perishable food items off to donate for the Aprils 23rd food drop.

"Now more than ever, people need to know what resources are out there," Cambers said.

For more information please visit the Sheffield Food Pantry facebook page. 

At this time, the food pantry serves a 20 mile radius, excluding towns that already have food pantries in the area like Lyndon and St. Johnsbury.  But, if towns were to have their local food pantries close, Bryant says, "the food pantry has not turned anyone away. We don't have delivery for Lyndon or St. J, but would try to fill the gap of other non-profits if we can find the funds and volunteers."

At this time, HOPE in Lyndonville is still continuing to provide for people in need. Natalie, a devoted volunteer that works with the HOPE foundation says, "we are making sure that the people we serve are getting what they need."

HOPE's top priority at this time is to make sure every child gets a backpack each week through their backpack program. They are putting extra food into the backpacks to make them last longer. HOPE is currently only accepting food donations only. For anyone that wants to donate food you can call the store ahead of time. Their store hours right now are 10AM to 5PM. There will always be someone to stay Monday through Friday to make sure those donations are taken in.  For the time being though, they will only be accepting food donations, and have asked the community to not drop off items other than food for the time being.  

"We need the food donations, now more than ever," Natalie said.

Jodi Wheeler, the founder of HOPE, and everyone at the HOPE foundation wants everyone in the community to know that if you are in desperate need of anything please call the store and they will arrange something for you. For any more informations please go to the HOPE foundations website