Wind Farms Expand In The United States

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SHEFFIELD - With over 54 thousand turbines in the United States according to AWEA or they American Wind Energy Association. America is working on expanding its means of clean energy. By installing more systems such as wind turbines in places around the US. Places such as the windy town of Sheffield Vermont.

The town decided several years ago to allow a wind farm to take route in the town. A resident and former member of the board explored a farm in New York and saw it as a good fit for the town.

"I think in the last 10 years history really proves that wind is a real player in they future of power generation in the united states" said Alan Roberstand one of the residents who helped make the decision for the turbines.

The establishment in the town not only produces clean energy, but they also do everything they can to keep the grounds they work on clean and green.

"from the first of june to the first of october if the parameter is set for peak bat migration all of our turbines shut down we do not produce any power to save the bats" stated Jim Slicer a senior maintenance worker for the wind farm.

They are sure to keep everything to code, and set everything up according to the towns guidelines.

"The people that built this wind farm were very very careful to follow all the state and town requirements and it turned out to be a very very good wind farm" Says Roberston.