FEMA in Sheffield

final sheffieldSHEFFIELD-A local town is getting some relief in the form of money after a road was washed out recently. 

Sheffield held a meeting last night to go over what the final decisions were from the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA). FEMA regards a potiential reimbursement of funds the town had to use to fix the damaged roadway.

According to FEMA's website, Sheffield belongs to "selected flood map boundary", which was effective on September 27th, 1985. The effective date is the date on which Flood Insurance Rate Maps(FIRM) became the official regulatory flood map for the area it covers.


The town clerk, William Saint Peter, says he feels confident the town will qualify for the reimbursemt since it was a small event of less than $10,000 to fix. The road was fixed by the town prior to FEMA  helping with the reimbursement. "The edge of the road was washed out some and some undermining. They closed basically the shoulder of the road, and it did make it unsafe, so we conned it to keep people away from it," William said. 

FEMA now requires towns to have a procurement policy in place in the event of a natural disaster in order to make the reimbursement process smoother. The town has a follow-up meeting via phone with FEMA on friday to make sure everything is set to receive the money.