Voters Approved Second Attempt at School Budget

Miller Run ThumbSHEFFIELD - Following Town Meeting Day’s school budget defeat, Wheelock and Sheffield voters have approved the Millers Run School budget after a second look.

 While Sheffield voters approved the budget with a 51-8 vote, Wheelock voters rejected it with a 59-41 vote.  With ballots from both town combined, the budget was passed with a 92-67 vote.

In reponse to Wheelocks rejection of the proposed budget, Carol Rossi, a unified disctrict clerk said, "I think that it has to do with a lack of understanding about how education is funded these days."

During Town Meeting Day, the two towns defeated the $3,917,344 school budget with a 102-100 vote.

After taking another look at the budget, the Millers Run School Board, reduced the previously asked amount by $26,089.  The budget approved Tuesday was $3,891,225.

"It's a very good day for the students that this passed," said Rossi.  "It impacts our kids, so I'm very happy this passed and shows support."