A Visit to the Sheffield Wind Farm

sheffield wind farm pic SHEFFIELD - The Sheffield wind farm hosted school children from around the area to get an up close view of the 16 turbines and how they operate.

After heavy debate the Sheffield Wind Farm broke ground during the summer of last year and has been in service for just over 6 months.


Students from middle schools and high schools took a tour and were able to ask questions to First Wind representatives like Brad Drake " I think they're pretty blown away, I think they really enjoy it. I know some of the kids or most of the kids can see them  from far away and it makes a big impact when they get up close and see how big they really are."

The 16 clean energy turbines generate power for over 13,000 Vermont homes all over the state.

8th grader Cody Ross says they've been learning about wind farms throughout the school year and to see them up close is something he wanted to do "they're awesome, I thought it would help a lot of people in Vermont and save a lot of electricity and help the earth."

First Wind representatives say each of the 16 turbines are expected to last for more than 20 years.